Get Moving Gates


The goal:  Walk, jog, or run as many miles as possible from April 1-June 30.  We are looking to get our town excited about exercise!  This is open to anyone and everyone, from little ones being pushed in strollers to adults of any age and everyone in between.  

The details: Track your mileage for 3 months (April, May, and June) using whatever method works best for you.  Submit them to the recreation department by the end of June.  You will be able to submit mileage via website, email, or coming to our office.  If you need a little help getting started or are looking for some new routes, we've created different courses that begin and end at each of our parks and the town hall.  

The incentive: To help encourage you to "get moving," there will be a prize for each level attained.

Bronze: 30 miles
Silver: 60 miles
Gold: 90 miles

We also feel its important to bring people together each month to exercise as a group and build on the idea of becoming a stronger, healthier community.  Here are the dates and locations of monthly community walk/runs:

Sunday, April 14 - Westgate Park - special guest Chief Jim VanBrederode
Sunday, May 5 - Memorial Park
Sunday, June 9 - Wegman Rd Park

We will meet at park at 11:00am on each date.  There will be a group leader that will lead a faster paced jog/run, as well as someone leading a walk.  We will have water and a healthy snack available at the end of each walk/run.

Links to courses created using Map My Run:

Course 1: Westgate Park - 3.3 miles
Course 2: Westgate Park - 2.5 miles
Course 3: Westgate Park - 2.12 miles

Course 4: Gates Town Hall - 1.45 miles
Course 5: Gates Town Hall - 2.05 miles
Course 6: Gates Town Hall - 4.1 miles

Course 7: Wegman Rd Park - 2.3 miles
Course 8: Wegman Rd. Park - 2.4 miles
Course 9: Wegman Rd Park - 5.06 miles

Course 10: Memorial Park - 2.08 miles
Course 11: Memorial/Lions Park - 1.05 miles
Course 12: Lions Park - 3.33 miles

Printable log sheet